Money Market

A UKFCU Money Market Account offers the benefit of a higher interest rate than your saving account while providing flexibility similar to your checking account.

Money Market Account Features

  • Minimum balance of $1,000 to open the account
  • No monthly surcharge
  • 6 transactions permitted each month*
  • Unlimited transactions at the teller line
  • Interest paid monthly on accounts carrying a balance of at least $1000
  • Tiered interest rates offer higher rates for higher balances


* Transaction limitations are set by Regulation D and maybe check, automatic ACH, online banking or a combination of transactions.

NCUA, the National Credit Union Administration, a US government agency, insures your funds up to $250,000.00. For more information onĀ NCUA insurance coverage click here. Additionally, ESI, Excess Share Insurance Corporation, a private corporation, insures your funds up to an additional $250,000.00.