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Quick Tips on Protecting Your Security

Securing Your Account:

  • UKFCU will never ask you to send us your personal information such as account numbers, card PINs, Social Security numbers, or Tax IDs over text or email.
  • Enable biometric logins, like finger-print and facial recognition within your phone's settings, for added security within your mobile banking app.
  • Frequently check your accounts, verifying your purchases and withdrawals.

Protecting Your Identity:

  • Periodically check through your credit reports to make sure your accounts are secured.
  • Do not carry sensitive information in your wallet like your Social Security card and Medicare card.
  • Keep personal documents in a secure place, and shred sensitive documents when appropriate.

Security Resources:

3/21/18 IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Debit Card Security Alert

Please be advised, if you have recently used an ATM in Lexington and surrounding areas, you need to be aware of a possible debit card compromise on your account. Please keep an eye on your account for any suspicious activity and if you see any fraudulent activity on your account, call 859.264.4200 or 800. 234.8528, immediately.

We will continue to work diligently to ensure your account is as secure as possible and update you on any possible data breaches.

To monitor your account thoroughly, sign up for Online Banking, or download our Mobile App. You may also sign up for Visa Purchase Alerts, which will notify you by email when transactions occur on your account. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Sonic Drive-In Breach

Sonic Drive-In, the popular U.S.-based fast-food chain, has acknowledged a breach of their payment systems affecting approximately 3,600 locations across 45 U.S. states. Sources have reported the potential sale of millions of stolen credit and debit card accounts showing up on cyber-based crime stores on the dark web.

To date, PSCU (our Visa provider), Risk Analytics team has not received Visa CAMS notifications linked to this breach. PSCU will continue to monitor the situation closely and adjust fraud mitigation strategies based on our findings.

The Sonic Drive-In investigation is in the very early stages and UKFCU will provide more information as it becomes available through additional PSCU Risk Alert notifications.

While the internet and computers offer many opportunities and advancements for business and individuals, it also opens your door to predators and crooks. It is important to pay attention to who you are giving your confidential information to and make sure it is someone you know and trust.

You should NEVER be asked for your confidential information over e-mail. E-mail is not a secure method of transmitting information and the messages can be tapped into and information stolen. If you feel that you have received an e-mail or are suspicious of someone trying to commit Identity Theft, it is very important that you report the scam quickly so that law enforcement agencies can shut the fraudulent operations down.

Falcon Fraud Detection is provided to every UKFCU member with your debit and credit card. Falcon Fraud Detection reviews each suspicious transaction, reviews the cardholder account and calls the cardholder if necessary. The number for Falcon Fraud Center is 1.888.918.7313.

General Identity Theft and Fraud Information

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