building UK Federal Credit Union Esports Lounge and Theater 

We are committed to the innovation and cultivation of new technologies and ideas as we look toward an ambitious future for our next generation of members. We are excited to announce that we will be the official sponsor of a new home for the University of Kentucky Esports Program, the UK Federal Credit Union Esports Lounge and Theater. It will be located at The Cornerstone, an upcoming multi-purpose space that will support the university's future in technology, education, and creativity.

The facility will house 50 PC-based gaming units, multiple console gaming areas, and 100 seats on retractable risers, serving as a premiere destination for competitive gaming in Kentucky with the flexibility to seamlessly accommodate a variety of activities. We hope to provide an environment which will encourage students with different passions and interests to connect in new ways with an enhanced sense of community. Moreover, we will sponsor a feature night throughout the academic year, a speaker series, and an Esports conference in partnership with the university and JMI Sports, a leader in the development of collegiate and professional athletics facilities.