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Member FAQ

What is/are the advantage(s) to using UKFCU over a Bank?

As a member-owned not for profit cooperative, the sole purpose of UKFCU is to serve its members. Because we don’t have stockholders, we are able to return profits back to members with lower fees, better rates, and first-rate products. What this means is we can offer better rates on savings, lower rates on loans and credit cards, and the convenience and accessibility of local institution. You will find these savings across all of our products from money markets to business loans. 

Does the credit union offer skip a payment?

UKFCU does offer Skip-A-Pay for certain types of loan payments.  On our home page, hover over “Services” and in the drop-down menu, you will see an option for Skip-A-Pay, or by clicking here.

What is the difference between the Current Balance and the Available Balance?

Your Current balance is the balance in your account as of a certain date and includes all cleared checks or other posted charges. Your available balance is the amount available for use and includes any debit card holds or other deposit or check holds. The available balance for your account may differ from the current balance because of pending transactions. These pending transactions have been presented and held against the account but have not yet been processed. Once processed, the transactions are reflected in the current balance and show in the account history. You will want to refer to your available balance when determining how much you have available to spend. 

Is the credit union federally insured?

As a credit union, we are fully backed by the federal government through the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund, a division of the NCUA (National Credit Union Administration) for at least $250,000. In addition, we have purchased extra share insurance from ESI, insuring your deposits for an extra $250,000 for a total of $500,000. We made the decision to purchase this extra share insurance at no additional cost to our members.

What should I do if I lost my credit card?

Please call 800.654.7728 to cancel your current card and to have a new one ordered

Are there any plans to expand the Rewards program associated with your credit cards? Many programs now offer the choice to buy gift cards from multiple businesses with rewards points.

UKFCU is currently working on revising our credit card rewards programs. 

Can you transfer money from a UKFCU account to an account at a different financial institution?

Yes. UKFCU offers Account to Account Transfer as one of many online services free of charge.

Where can I find the routing number for UKFCU?

Our routing number is 242176129. It is on our Checking Account page.

I searched your website but couldn’t find the answer to this question. What is the cost of being a member?

There is a minimum $25 deposit to your Share Savings, which stays in your account as long as you remain an active member. While most of our members remain as part of the credit union for life, you may withdraw this $25 at any time if you wish to leave the credit union. 

What is the difference between home equity loan and home equity line of credits? What is the advantage and disadvantage of these two loans?

A home equity loan is a fixed rate loan with fixed-term secured against the equity in your home. Our terms run up to 20 years and rates vary depending on the loan-to-value and credit. This is a good option for the member who is borrowing for a specific project or purpose and likes the idea of a fixed payment. A home equity line of credit (we call ours the Primeline) is a variable rate line of credit secured against the equity in your home. Our lines of credit offer a ten year draw period (you can take advances for 10 years) then a 10-year repayment. During the draw period, minimum monthly payments are interest only. Primelines are a good option for the member who wants the flexibility of a lower payment and may have multiple projects or purposes over an extended period of time. 

If I am moving, how do I close out my account(s)?

The easiest way is to come into a branch and have one of our representatives take care of everything for you. If you need to do this remotely, you can fax a written request to 859.264.4202. The request needs to be signed and a proper forwarding address should be provided. When closing an account, please be sure to cancel any direct deposits or automatic withdrawals, and verify that all checks and debit card transactions have cleared. Please also remember that UKFCU is accessible worldwide through our ATM network providing over 28,000 fee-free ATMs and also at over 4000 shared branching locations. 

How do I deposit a check into an ATM without using an envelope? Do I have to write something special on the check to show it’s mine? Do I still use a deposit slip when I deposit a check without an envelope into the new ATM’s?

Our ATMs contain recognition software that can read the check for accurate dollar amounts and ensure the check is valid. It also asks you to verify the amount read as correct. No deposit slip is needed when making a check deposit to our ATMs; we know your account number from the debit card which was input prior to depositing the check. There is no need to write anything on the check except your signature endorsement on the back. The printed receipt will show an image of the check and the amount deposited.

What do I do if I have forgotten my pin for my debit card?

Please call 859.264.4200 and one of our representatives will be able to help you.

I am a member of UKFCU. Can my family members who aren't members and don't work for UK, open an account with UKFCU, too?

Yes, they can! Visit our Membership page and search under the heading "Eligibility". The first paragraph states "You are eligible for membership if you, an immediate family member, or a household member are part of the following groups/organizations." This works for any of the listed businesses, groups and organizations. This works if anyone in your family is eligible, even if they are not a member. If someone in your family is eligible, you are eligible as well.

What (and where) is the ABA / Routing Number?

The first nine numbers from the left at the bottom of your check are your ABA Routing / Transit number. This number is always nine digits, UKFCU's ABA/Routing Number is: 242176129

Is it possible to view your Share Certificate rate on Home @ccess while logged into home banking?

Currently, this option is not available with the system that we use. In order to have this capability, additional software is required. We would like to offer this in the future as demand for the request and budget allow.

Do we have a Christmas club?

Yes, we also offer Vacation Club accounts. Information can be found on our Savings Page under Club Accounts.

Can you explain the Security feature on the back of the Credit Card the CVV code?

CVV stands for Credit Card Verification Value. The CVV is a 3 or 4 digit code embossed or imprinted on the signature panel on the reverse side of Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards and on the front of American Express cards. This code is used as an extra security measure to ensure that you have access and/or physical possession of the credit card itself.

I have a car loan with UK Federal Credit Union. Can I pay my monthly payment online?

Yes! The easiest way to do this is to transfer funds from your UKFCU account through our home banking system Home Access. We also offer Account to Account transfer which allows you to transfer funds from another institution to your accounts here at UKFCU. This can also be found in Home Access.

Why are our ATMs not taking cash deposits?

This really amounted to a trade off. The new ATMs accept check deposits without an envelope so that the ATM will be able to electronically submit your check to our processor for quicker access to your money. As a result, cash deposits were not available any longer with these new machines. Cash deposits may still be made after hours at the night depository located at each branch. 

I want to know if the current state of the economy is in any way having an adverse effect on UKFCU that in turn could affect us, the members?

We are financially sound in spite of the overall market volatility. As a credit union, we are fully backed by the federal government through the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund for at least $250,000. This fund is a division of the NCUA (National Credit Union Administration). In addition, we have purchased extra share insurance from ESI, insuring your deposits for an extra $250,000 for a total of $500,000. We made the decision to purchase this extra share insurance at no additional cost to our members. Regarding our investment strategy for the money our members deposit with us, we make every effort to invest it back into our membership in the form of loans. We have not made any loans which may be considered part of the sub-prime market. Our delinquencies and charge-offs are below the industry average, both for banks and credit unions. We can refer you to the NCUA link for outside information on UKFCU and other credit unions: From there, you can click on the link for Financial Performance Report.

Does anyone use to track finances? If so, have you been able to add a UKFCU Visa card (I was able to add all other accounts - just not that one...)

This question should really be asked to UKFCU does not block needs to setup their system to access UKFCU Visa Card information.

How many members does the credit union have?

As of January 2017, the University of Kentucky Federal Credit Union had over 67,000 members.

Can I deposit money into my account using another credit union?

Yes. The service is called Shared Branching and consists of over 4,000 institutions. See our Shared Branching page for a full list of services available through Shared Branching.

Is there a grace period on auto loans?

Technically, UKFCU does not offer a grace period on any of it loans. Loans payments are considered “past due” anytime past the loan due date. However, UKFCU does not charge a late fee until several days after the due date. This time frame varies on some loan products, but none are shorter than five days.

I would like to get my e-statement from May, how do I access this information?

Once logged into Home @ccess, hover over the "e-statements" menu item, a drop-down menu should appear. In the drop-down menu, hover over "e-statement list" and click on it. You should see a list of your previous 12 statements, then click on the appropriate link.

How do I transfer money from my savings account into my checking account online?

Once logged into Home @ccess hover your mouse over the "Transfers" menu item. Once over that, a drop-down menu should appear and you should navigate to "General Transfers" then click on it. On that page select which account you wish to transfer from and which to transfer to, then set your amount and click submit.

Account Access

Can I transfer between accounts online?

Yes, but you must first set up transfer authorization. Download the authorization form (PDF), print it and fill it out. Then, mail (1730 Alysheba Way, Lexington, KY 40509) or fax (859.264.4202) it back to us. From here, we will set it up. Transfer limits apply to these accounts also. You are allowed three total transfers per month from your savings account to the same account or a different account. There are no limits to the number of times that you can transfer from your checking account to the same account or a different account.

How do I set up my online bill pay?

To use bill pay and our other e-services (e-Alerts, e-Statements, and Account to Account Transfer) it can sometimes be confusing. On our Online Services page, we provide instructional videos or step by step instructions on how to use these services.

How do I download to Quicken or Microsoft Money?

Go to "History Inquiries" and click on "Quicken/Money History Download". Enter the account, date range, and format you wish to download, and choose "continue" You will then be prompted to save the file to your PC. Open Microsoft Money or Quicken and choose "import." If you have an earlier version of Internet Explorer or Netscape you may need to update your browser software. You can do this by visiting the Firefox download page (Recommended), the Internet Explorer download page, and the Safari download page. If you have experienced problems savings through Quicken 2002, try the following: From "History Inquiries" select "Quicken Download" Select QIF from "Desired File Format". Click Save - when the File Download Box pops up Under Save as Type - Select "ALL Files" Under File Name - Add ".QIF" to the end of the file name.

What are the fee-free ATM's I can access to withdraw money in New York?

UKFCU is a member of Co-Op, Alliance One, Money Pass and Allpoint ATM networks. This provides members with access to over 65,000 ATMs. Please visit our ATM locations page, and click on any of the ATM network logos and search for ATMs in your area.

How do I set up E-Statements?

If you already use Home @ccess, simply log in. Select the e-Statement link that appears on the left-hand side of the screen in the menu choices. Click on e-Statement Preferences. Click on the drop-down box on the far right-side of Select Statement Type. Select e-Statements or Paper statements. Click on the drop-down box on the far right-side of Select Notification Method. Select Notify by email or No email notification. Place your cursor in the box next to Enter Account E-mail Address. Type in the email address that you want to use. (Please remember to keep this updated.) Click on Continue. Read the Disclosure and confirm your settings. Click Continue or Cancel. If you select Continue, you will see a confirmation of the set-up. You will no longer receive a paper statement in the mail. If you select Cancel, e-Statement service will not begin. To view your statement(s) select e-Statement from the left-hand side of your screen. You will need Adobe® Reader® in order to view your statement. You may select Last Statement. This will bring up the most current statement for your viewing. Click on Statement List to view and select available statements that you would like to see. You may immediately view available statements. To change back to a paper statement or make other changes to your e-Statement delivery, follow the above instructions and make the appropriate changes. Again, the changes will take place the month that you make the changes. Changes must be made online, faxed or mailed to us with your signature for security purposes.

What kind of information can I get online?

You have access to the following information: account activity, cleared checks, deposits/withdrawals on all savings and checking accounts, interest/dividend information, loan payoffs/balances, and share/checking balances. You may also transfer funds, advance loans, place stop payments, order checks, and download checking/savings information.

When I log-in to Home @ccess, why are unsuccessful log-in attempts reported at times I wasn't even using Home @ccess?

When you use Mainline, these calls will also appear on Home @ccess as "log-in attempts." If the last time you accessed your account was through Mainline and you accidentally entered the wrong code or typed in your account number wrong, it will show up on Home @ccess. This is also true if someone else typed in their account number incorrectly and it happened to be yours. Their log-in attempt would fail because they would have the wrong access code.

How many transactions can I view?

A minimum of 60 days of transactions are stored for your viewing purposes.

How do I access my account online?

Go to Click on "Home @ccess" in the "Online Services" section of the page. Below the section where you would normally log in, click on the link that says "No Username? Click Here".

How do I know if the money was transferred?

Be sure to click each "continue." It will show the transfer at the end. We recommend that you verify that the transfer has taken place by visiting the share history of the affected account.

Why is there a difference between my checking balance and my available balance?

The balances differ because a temporary hold may have been placed on the funds in your account. In most cases, the temporary hold has been placed on debit card transactions which have been authorized but not posted. This applies to deposits which have been made through an ATM. When checks clear your account, the system will look at your available balance to determine if the check will be paid. If you make a deposit through an ATM, you have immediate access to the first $100. The rest of the deposit will become available in 2 business days. The two-day hold is for verification purposes. 

If I change my access code on Home @ccess, does it change my ATM or Mainline code?

No. If you change your access code online, the new code only works on Home @ccess. If you change your Mainline access code, it will not change your online access code once it's set up.

Can I pay bills online?

Yes. By using our Click N Pay service you can easily and securely pay your bills online. Please click here for more information regarding this service.

How much money can be withdrawn at a time (or per day) using an ATM machine?

For safety and security reasons, we limit members to $400 in any 24-hour period. 

Can I print the information?

Yes, just click on the "Print" button on your browser. 

Is transferring money online safe?

Yes, it is safe. We are currently using a firewall in addition to 128-bit encryption to protect our member transaction information. When first accessing our site you will get a "Secure Certificate" message. You must accept this certificate to be allowed access to the site. We have had reports from some members of trouble with the certificate. The certificate is functioning properly and is using 128-bit encryption. Most individuals use a standard version of Netscape or Internet Explorer, which only offers 40-bit encryption and this is the reason there have been problems. In order to take full advantage of the security offered you will need to update the browser you are using. Updated information will be available on our website. 
Firefox download page (Recommended) 
Internet Explorer download page 
Safari download page

Can I view my UKFCU Visa charges online?

Yes. At the very top of this page, there is a list of commonly used links. Click on "Credit Card Access" to setup your account and view credit card account activity online. 

What if I forget my username and passcode?

Please contact the credit union at 859.264.4200 and press “0” to speak to a member service representative. Please verify your account information with your representative, they will reset the username and/or password for you. You can also reset this information at any UKFCU branch location with your picture ID.

How many times can I transfer funds during the month?

The setup is the same as Mainline. You are allowed six transfers per month from your savings account. There are no limits to the number of times that you can transfer from your checking account.

Will I be able to use Home @ccess with WebTV?

Older versions of WebTV do not support Java Script and secured cookies; therefore, you would not be able to use Home @ccess. However, the current versions should support these items. Please contact your internet service provider for more information regarding WebTV.

Can I change my address online?

No. For security purposes, address changes must be made in person, by fax or by mail. It requires a signature to authorize the change. Download the Change of Address form (PDF).

If I have more than one account, do I need to set up access codes for each account?

Yes. The access codes for each account must first be set up through Mainline. If you would like to transfer money between accounts, contact us to set up an authorization.

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