Things the new generation will never experience

I read an article about things that the younger generation will never experience, such as library card catalogues and winding up old cassette tapes with a pencil that had become entangled in the release mechanism.  I decided to make a list with a financial twist.


  1. Carrying your passbook to a branch to make a deposit.  No, really, you needed it to even make a deposit.
  2. Having to go to a branch to withdraw some money as there were no ATMs.  Now, in addition to their own ATMs, UKFCU belongs to multiple systems allowing you free access to over 30,000 ATMs nationwide.
  3. Wrapping your pennies, nickels and dimes in paper wrappers to deposit into your account.  UKFCU has coin counting machines which members may use for free.
  4. Searching your entire neighborhood for empty soda pop bottles to return to your local store and get 2 cents apiece (5 cents for the quart size) to have enough to buy – another soda.
  5. Struggling to find change for a pay phone.  If you used a quarter for a ten cent call the phone did not give any change back (the phone company would, if asked, send you 15 cents in stamps).
  6. Finding a place for all your cancelled checks.  UKFCU offers the ability to look up your checks on-line print cancelled checks on-line should you need them.
  7. Actually having to use a check register to keep track of your balance.  UKFCU offers free on-line banking so you can see your balance at any time.
  8. Having to find your checkbook in order to pay monthly bills.  UKFCU offers free on-line Bill Pay.
  9. Being able to buy a hamburger, fries and a small drink for less than a dollar.
  10. Pulling into a gas station and having an attendant clean your windshield – after buying a dollar’s worth of gas.