headset Introducing the Interactive Teller Machine (ITM)

Experience a new and improved way to bank at our South Broadway Branch with our all-new Interactive Teller Machine (ITM). 

An Interactive Teller Machine looks like an ATM and offers all the functions of an ATM, but now you'll have the option to speak with a UKFCU teller over a live video session in our S. Broadway Branch drive-thru!

Our drive-thru will look a bit different as our new ITMs replace traditional drive-thru features. While you're connected with a teller over live video, you'll receive the same personalized service you've come to expect from our tellers with the speed and convenience of a drive-thru experience.

Enjoy the benefits of an ITM:

  • Access account information
  • Deposit cash and checks
  • Pay loan payments
  • Transfer funds
  • Withdraw cash
  • And more!


What is an ITM?

ITM is the short name for Interactive Teller Machine, which is a video-based interactive technology which allows members to conduct transactions and banking services driven by a centrally based teller, in a highly engaging real time video/audio interaction.

Why is UKFCU moving to these machines?

They open a lot of new and different opportunities for our membership. With the ITMs, we can provide faster and more convenient service to members. Immediate improvements for members include: no deposit slip required, drive up convenience, the teller view is unobstructed and clear, and members will receive images of their processed checks right on the receipt. In addition to those changes, the machines are also safer for our employees and members to use!

Who can use ITM service?

Non-members can utilize the ATM functionality to withdraw from another financial institution and can make a Credit Card Cash Advance (fees from other financial institutions may apply). UKFCU Membership allows individuals to experience everything an ITM can do.

What can I do at this machine?

Members can do 95% of transactions that can be done with a traditional teller. That includes withdrawals, check & cash deposits, transfers, loan payments, credit card payments, and check cashing. The bonus is that you can also use the machine as an ATM if you would like.

There is not enough privacy, I do not want everyone to be able to hear my information. What can I do?

If you’d like more privacy, the on-screen volume can be adjusted, earphones can be plugged in, or you can use the chat messaging system on the touch screen to communicate with your teller.

Are transactions made at an ITM safe and secure?

They are. In fact, ITM transactions are safer and more secure than traditional drive thru transactions. They are more accurate because of increased automation, and since the Teller is interacting with only one member at a time through a two-way screen, there are no distractions. This means our Tellers can provide you with more personalized and consistent member service!