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When you become a member of UKFCU, you become a partner. Your credit union is a dynamic, growing organization with over $1.4 billion in assets and over 102,000 members. Through volunteer opportunities, all members of UKFCU can shape the future of the organization and help other members meet their financial goals. 

Volunteers represent the best interest of our members and ensure financial soundness and guide strategic and policy decisions across the credit union. When you volunteer, you’ll also gain valuable business and leadership skills while networking with other members.

Two main ways to volunteer at UKFCU: 

Board of Directors

UKFCU members elect board members for three-year terms of office on an annual basis. Board members:

  • Attend monthly board meetings
  • Develop policy
  • Oversee financial security 
  • Participate in strategic planning
  • Report to members at the annual meeting
  • Represent interests of entire membership
  • Review CEO goals and objectives
  • Serve on committees and task forces
  • Set future strategy

All UKFCU board members receive training and education on issues important to the credit union and its members.


Supervisory Committee

The Board of Directors appoints supervisory committee members for a three-year term. Members of the supervisory committee:

  • Attend monthly meetings
  • Monitor financial controls and procedures
  • Verify the credit unions records
  • Work with internal and external audit firms

UKFCU supervisory committee members receive training and education on issues important to their purpose, the credit union, and its members.


Volunteer Qualifications

At UKFCU, our member volunteers are a key to every member’s success. For this reason, we ask applicants to meet all of the following important qualifications:

  • Member in good standing with UKFCU
  • Member for a minimum of 6 months for Supervisory Committee
  • Member for a minimum of 3 years for Board Member consideration
  • At least 21 years of age and bondable

In addition, you must have the ability and willingness to meet the following time and effort commitments:

  • Attend regular monthly meetings
  • Devote 6-8 hours per month in preparation and meeting attendance time
  • Commit 12-18 hours to the annual strategic planning session
  • Attend occasional special meetings as needed
  • Participate on a committee, task force, or assist with special projects
  • Participate in development and training by way of training conference, webinars, local meetings, etc.
  • Complete the Volunteer Achievement Program (VAP) education course within the first 6 months after election or appointment
  • Willing to attend planning sessions and training programs – paid by UKFCU
  • Must be able to work as a team member
  • Possess understanding of financial statements and accounting practices
  • Understanding of and interest in meeting the needs of members
  • Must not be a former employee of UKFCU, not a relative or family member of or in a significant relationship with a UKFCU employee, Director, or Supervisory Committee member
  • Must not be a former Director of UKFCU with 12 or more years or service
  • Must not serve on the board of another financial institution, or hold a position with an organization that would be deemed as a conflict of interest

To become a UKFCU volunteer, complete and submit the application below!

Volunteer Application