In January of 1937, a group of Agriculture College Employees from the University of Kentucky decided to form a credit union that would provide themselves and their co-workers with a better place to save and borrow money. Through their efforts, the University of Kentucky Federal Credit Union was founded.

Many things have changed over the years, but the one constant that has remained is our commitment to the credit union philosophy of “people helping people.”

We think you will appreciate the value and benefits of UK Federal Credit Union. Why use a credit union? You might say low rates on loans and low fees for services, and you’re right. True, these features do make credit unions unique. However, the most important difference is: YOU own your credit union!

UK Federal Credit Union is a not-for profit financial cooperative. Our sole purpose is to serve the financial needs of our members by offering our members quality service and products while maintaining a financially strong institution. Instead of planning for stockholder profits, credit unions focus on serving their Membership:

You’re a Member, Not a Customer!

Other financial institutions can’t come close to matching that philosophy because they’re profit-driven businesses.

Being part of member-driven financial institution, you reap the benefits in lower rates when you borrow and higher rates when you save at your credit union. The extra money isn’t given to a few stock-holders, it’s returned to members like you in the form of better rates and services. Attend your annual meeting and elect your board of directors. Participation in your credit union gives you a voice in your financial future and signifies your ownership. Those are two things you won’t find at other financial institutions, and two more reasons why you’re a member, not a customer.