Meet our November 10th Share Something Good Contest Winner

Beverly S., Member Since 2010

I had never used the credit union. Then six years ago, we were in a rough spot, the car was broken and things were tight since I've been disabled since 2000. I told my husband that I was going to go to the credit union and try to get a loan to buy a used car. My husband thought I was wasting my time. But he was wrong!!!! I got the loan and the car. And have paid off several loans since then. Everyone was excellent and I would recommend it to anyone. They treated me with respect and dignity. Thank you so much UKFCU!!!


Meet our November 17th Share Something Good Contest Winner

Marylee H., Member Since 2011

I love UKFCU! I became a member when I was a junior at the University of Kentucky. I met my husband at the Student Center branch and we married 10 months later. We recently had our first baby and he already is a member with his own savings account! We plan to teach him the importance of saving money and how great UKFCU is! We love the customer service and the awesome products available. Without UKFCU, I might not be where I am today. =)


Meet our November 24th Share Something Good Contest Winner

Kallie M., Member Since 2014

Before becoming a member at UKFCU, I banked with a national chain. I am so much happier now than I have ever been with my checking and savings account! The staff is awesome and banking is so convenient. I no longer feel like just another customer and I always see a friendly face when I stop in. Being a UK graduate, getting an account was very easy and I plan to be with UKFCU for many, many years to come!


Kallie M

Meet our December 1st Share Something Good Contest Winner

Jeffrey A., Member Since: 2017

As I just got a personal account within the last month, I have seen countless acts of excellent customer service from being the Treasurer of a service organization on University of Kentucky's campus - Alpha Phi Omega; Alpha Zeta Chapter.

From this opportunity of managing our bank finances, I have had to be in the credit union MANY times. Each time I have been greeted with a "Hello, how are you? What can I help you with?" -Having that kind of genuine personality from each and every worker there has been more than a day brighter. They are patient, kind, and quick when helping and I am very excited to have now my own personal account outside of my chapters account.

UKFCU has multiple good things to offer, this is just one. So to the ones I have encountered, I thank you for your continuation of passion for helping people in what you do. And to the ones I will, I thank you in advance.


Meet our December 8th Share Something Good Contest Winner!

Tony R., Member Since 2006

Amy H. (From SWBC Mortgage) held a seminar on purchasing a new home. For so many years I thought I was NEVER going to be able to afford a home...EVER. Thanks to UKFCU and holding educational seminars, I was educated and found out how wrong I was. Today, it's estimated that we close on my new home on Dec 27th. It's a bit surreal, I don't want to get too excited, but I am excited. Thanks Amy for making my impossible dream possible. And thanks to UK Credit Union for holding such informative seminar sessions.

tony r

Meet our GRAND PRIZE Share Something Good Contest Winner!

Jody M., Member Since 1997

In 1999, a loan officer (I cannot remember his name now, my apologies) helped me buy my first car. After discussing how much I could afford, I was given a letter stating that I had financing in place up to a certain dollar amount. The salesmen at the Ford dealership where I purchased my used Honda Accord tried very hard to get me to pay more than I could afford and, finally, I walked away from the purchase. When I returned to UKFCU the next day to speak with my loan officer, he asked me how things went, then called the Ford dealership. He got them to drop their fees and meet my loan/spending limit so that I could buy the vehicle I wanted. I've always felt he went above and beyond his job description by helping me maintain my budget and calling the dealership. I loved that car!

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