Update: 07.07.20

Enrollment Process for Business Accounts

As we move closer to launching the new platform, it is important to note that the enrollment process for business account holders will be different from the consumer enrollment process. Business account holders will not need to re-enroll. As a business user of our current online banking platform, you will be able to bypass the enrollment process and login as you normally would using your existing user ID and password.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions regarding your business accounts and how they will integrate with our new digital platform, please feel free to contact us at 859.264.4200. Don’t forget to bookmark this page and check back periodically as we continue to provide updates leading up to launch!

Update: 07.01.20

A First Look

    *You are viewing a test account. No member information was used to create this video.

Member Identification Number

Re-enrollment is the first step. To start, you'll need your member identification number, which can be found on your member card, shown below, or on your checks. If you're unsure, no problem! You can call us at 859.264.4200 or visit one of our branch locations to request your member number.

Moving to the New Platform

We will be upgrading our online and mobile banking experience in just a few weeks! With this upgrade, our members can expect an improved digital banking experience, as well as enhanced features and services! We have provided the following information to ensure a seamless transition to our new platform.



If you are currently enrolled in our online and mobile banking services, you will not be able to sign into the new platform using your current login information. You will need to enroll in a new consumer account and set up your login information. Both currently enrolled members and members who have never enrolled in online banking will need to complete the enrollment process. Current Business Account holders will not be required to re-enroll. New Business Account holders will need to enroll separately through the Commercial Banking portal using their business tax ID information. This portal will become available at the launch of the new platform. 


Correct Contact Information for All Accounts

If we do not have your correct contact information, you will be unable to access the new platform and will need to contact member services to update your information. With this upgrade, users will be required to authenticate themselves via phone, text or email when first accessing the new system. We ask that you please verify the accuracy of your contact info to prevent disruption to your account access. This can be done in the following ways:


Members with Joint Accounts

One of the new features of our online and mobile banking upgrade is the ability for all members to have their own unique login and password for their accounts. To ensure all account owners have access to their accounts, UKFCU must have accurate contact information for both the primary and joint members. Please visit one of our six branch locations or call us at 859.264.4200 to verify the contact information for all account holders. 


Bill Pay

Users who are new to our online and mobile bill pay services, and those who have previously utilized these features, will need to re-enroll on our new platform. We highly recommend making a list of all payees and payments for your reference prior to July 14 when our Bill Pay system will become unavailable for a period of time. Some payments and payees may not transfer to the new platform, and taking this step will ensure that no information is lost during the transition. We ask that you review the following points about the upcoming changes to our bill pay system:

  • Prepare a copy of all payments and payees before July 14, 2020.*
  • Re-enroll in our new Bill Pay system on July 21 and verify correct transfer of all payments and payees to the new system.
  • Bill Payment history will not transfer to the new platform.
  • Recurring Payments will transfer to the new platform.
  • Members will no longer be able to link external bank accounts to the Bill Pay system.
  • The new Bill Pay system will deduct payments from your account on the day it is received by the biller.

*These are current tentative dates and subject to change. If dates change, we will update the information accordingly. Dates are not at risk of changing to an earlier date than shown.