user Personal Loans

Life happens. Sometimes you need a loan unrelated to home improvement or a new car. Many people do not own a home in order to draw on a home equity loan. If your needs don’t fall into one of our standard loan categories, UKFCU can help you find the right personal loan or personal line of credit. 

Personal loans give you the flexibility to borrow money to pay for things other than a house or car. With a personal loan from UKFCU, you can use the money however you need. 

Personal loan options include:

Signature Personal Loans

  • Interest rate based on your credit score
  • Up to 60-month term
  • Unsecured

Share Secured Personal Loans 

  • Secured by either your share savings account or share savings certificate
  • Up to 120-month term
  • 50% secured and 100% secured loans available

CreditSMART Loans

Establish the credit you need for a smart financial future with a UKFCU CreditSMART loan. 

Here’s how it works:
Step 1: Borrow a minimum of $1,000, with a term of 12-24 months.
Step 2: Funds are placed into a savings account to earn interest.
Step 3: Make monthly payments until the loan is paid off. 
Step 4: Withdraw your funds or leave them to earn more interest. 

It’s that easy!

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