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With the transition to our new digital banking platform, all Quicken and QuickBooks users will need to establish a new connection to online banking. First, you must re-enroll in our new digital banking platform.

Once enrolled, you will complete the deactivate/reactivate of your online banking connection to ensure that your current Quicken or QuickBooks account is set up with the new connection.

Conversion Instructions:

  • Quicken - click HERE
  • QuickBooks Desktop - click HERE
  • QuickBooks Online - click HERE
  • Mint - click HERE

Troubleshooting Tips

If you are experiencing any issues with your Quicken or QuickBooks connection, please review the information below:


Duplicate Transfers after Reconnecting

If you notice your register is out of balance, or are being asked to add an adjustment after reconciliation, you may be experiencing duplication of your transaction. Below are tips to help resolve this issue.

  • If the duplicate transactions have not been added to the register, they can be deleted individually prior to accepting.
  • If the transactions have already been added to the register, they can be deleted from the register individually, or in groups. 
  • If there are too many transactions to delete individually, restore a backup file and download the transactions again. 


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