Home Loans with UKFCU

To ensure you have the best homebuying experience possible, University of Kentucky Federal Credit Union has partnered with SWBC Mortgage Corporation, a top-ranked mortgage lender, to manage your loan process for us. Through this partnership, you not only get a wide variety of financing options, but you also get a dedicated, licensed mortgage loan officer to explain your options and answer your questions.

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Mortgage Services

  • Purchase
  • Refinance
  • Fixed Rates
  • Conventional & Jumbo
  • FHA, VA & USDA

Items* Needed When Applying for Pre-Qualification for Home Loan:

  • Copy of Driver's License
  • 2 Years of W-2's
  • 3 Most Recent Pay Stubs
  • 2 Months of Bank Statements
  • 2 Years of Tax Returns (If Self-Employed)
* Other documentation may be required.

home Homebuying Concierge

Through our partnership with SWBC, we are also able to offer members access to Orchard. Orchard is a member benefit that simplifies your homebuying journey. If you're not yet working with a real estate agent, the Orchard Concierge can introduce you to top-performing agents in your area who specialize in the home type and the neighborhood you are shopping. Eligible borrowers can receive up to 0.5% of the sales price after closing (e.g., $1,500 on a $300,000 home).

Please note: UKFCU does not receive any compensation for members following links to SWBC’s website. For full disclosures on the Homebuying Concierge program, please click the link below.

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Choose the Home Loan that Fits Your Needs

Before you start looking for a home, you need to make sure that you're on solid ground financially. Can you pay the up-front costs of purchasing a house as well as the ongoing monthly mortgage and other living expenses? We've provided a wide range of calculators for you to determine the preliminary answers. Plug in your figures and see if it all adds up.

How Much Income Do I Need?
How Much Will My Monthly Payments Be?

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