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Car Loan:1.99%*Credit Card:7.49%*
Boat/RV Loan:3.99%*Money Market:.50%**
Home Equity Loan:4.49%*Share Certificates:2.05%**
Home Equity Line of Credit:3.00%*
*as low as**as high as
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Rates are effective as of 01/05/16. Rates are subject to change and credit approval.

  • LexArts SMART Card Holders Special Offer! Did you know you can join the UK Federal Credit Union?   The credit union is one of the best places for you to keep your money and get loans. We offer some of the best rates in town. PLUS as a LexArts SMART Card holder, we’ll put $50 in your new account! To join, visit ...
  • Get Top Rates on Money Markets at UKFCU Money Market A UKFCU Money Market Account offers the benefit of a higher interest rate than your saving account while providing flexibility similar to your checking account. Money Market Account Features Minimum balance of $1,000 to open the account No monthly surcharge 6 transactions permitted each month* Unlimited transactions at the teller line Interest paid monthly on accounts carrying a balance of ...
  • Love at First Sight…FREE Checking and $50!   Open a new checking account in February with direct deposit and e-statements and UKFCU will give you $50!* Plus, checking at UKFCU is absolutely FREE! UKFCU’s checking account is free, flexible and convenient. With five branches, online and mobile banking, ATMs and online bill pay, UKFCU provides traditional checking with the power of technology. Get started today! ...
  • Better Your Auto Loan with Cash Back Sure, your car takes you from point A to B, but it really becomes part of your life. You’ve created memories with road trips, family vacations, checked on your sleeping child in the rear view mirror and maybe just simply enjoyed a perfect summer day with the windows down listening to your favorite song. You spend ...
  • Dealer Auto Cash – Get $20 Shell Gas Card or $50 Visa Gift Card Receive a FREE $20 Shell gas card by bringing the Dealer Auto Cash Form to a participating dealership. Or, upgrade to a $50 VISA® gift card when you purchase a vehicle from a participating dealership and finance your loan with UK Federal Credit Union! Call or visit to get pre-approved before you shop or tell your ...
  • 5 Tips to Maximize Your Tax Refund It’s that time of year again: the W2 and 1099 forms have all been sent out. You’re staring at a new collection of tax forms, and its peak season for the tax prep software industry and accountants. Have you wondered if you are one of those Americans who have left money on the table by overpaying your ...
  • 5 Steps to Kick Start Your Finances in 2016     Each year, millions of Americans start the New Year resolved to get their finances in order. Then, the motivation wears off and most people fall back into old habits and spending patterns, feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Stick to your resolutions this year by focusing on small wins in your financial life and make little lifestyle changes ...
  • Running Tight on Finances? Follow These 3 Tips Not having enough money to pay the bills is an issue we may face from time to time. Life is full of financial ups-and-downs, and after all, we’re all human. Don’t beat yourself about the situation or get discouraged. Vow to take action. If you don’t make changes, things will stay the same. If you’re in ...
  • Money Matters – How Your Cell Phone Can Save You Money Cell phones have earned a reputation as enablers of mindless, wallet-draining spending. In addition to racking up expensive overage fees, popular apps offering food delivery, one-click shopping and in-app purchases can be a danger to your wallet. Yet, with a few simple tricks and downloads, your phone can actually be a powerful money-saving tool. Below are ...
  • College Students and Credit Cards – Tips From UKFCU Should My College Student Get a Credit Card? As summer draws to a close, college students are heading to school. While you are taking advantage of store sales on twin sheet sets and dorm room decor, there are a few other things you and your student should consider – one of the most important being finances. Until ...
  • Start Saving & Avoid Debt with these UKFCU Tips! Check out These Financial Tips to Start Saving and Avoid Credit Card Debt In a recent survey, the National Foundation for Credit Counseling found that two out of five Americans don’t have a monthly budget. About the same portion carry credit debt every month. Below are some hints you may find useful for helping manage your money. • ...
  • Save Money This Summer With Tips From UKFCU Summer is here and our thoughts turn to vacations, the outdoors, sun and heat!  We’re almost halfway through the calendar year and finding ways to save money will help you stay on budget! Almost half the energy your home uses is for heating and cooling, according to Energy Star. It’s estimated for each degree a thermostat ...
  • 4 Strategies To Help You Buy A Home Rents are projected to outpace home values by the end of the year, according to Zillow. So, it’s a good time to consider buying a home.  Fixed mortgage payments and a more stable market are other reasons to make the jump. Zillow projects that by the end of 2015, millennials will become the largest home-buying age group. Whether ...
  • 5 Smart Ways to Use Your Tax Refund Many of us have received a tax refund. Here are some things you may consider to improve your financial well-being. Emergency Fund – If you don’t have an emergency fund, consider starting one with the proceeds from your tax return. Some experts say you need at least three months expenses readily available to you while others ...
  • Financial Tip – Refinancing Your Auto Loan   You’ve likely heard about the benefits of refinancing a home loan. With today’s low interest rates, those who have enough equity in their home and the credit required for a refinance could lower their monthly payments considerably. But did you know that, similarly, you could lower your car payments by refinancing your auto loan? A common misconception about ...
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  • 9.17.2015 Email About Unauthorized ACH/Automatic Draft is a Scam The image below is a screen shot of a recent scam email sent to UK employees including both UKFCU members and non-members. Members’ email and information has not been compromised. The fraudsters are blanketing UK’s public email list. The email states that a recent ACH/automatic draft transaction was rejected and to click the link to review ...
  • 8.18.2015 Update on Recent Email Scams Update on Recent Email Scams Recently some of our members have received email scams known as phishing. UKFCU has taken steps to protect our members security and to take down these cyber scams. Today we want to share information about how these scams work and what you can do to protect yourself. What is a Phishing Scam? Phishing ...
  • 8.10.2015 Email sent to UKFCU Members is a Scam! EMAIL SCAM-AUGUST 10! Another scam email hit UKFCU members Monday, August 10! UKFCU members were informed an ACH or automatic draft from their account had not cleared. THIS IS A SCAM. Do not click the link in the email or supply any information. UKFCU would not ask members to update information to online banking by email or inform ...
  • 9.10.2014 Home Depot Debit and Credit Card Compromise Update As many have heard, The Home Depot had a compromise that potentially impacts customers who used debit/credit cards at their stores in 2014 from April on. Remember that you are not responsible for unauthorized transaction that you report to UKFCU. If you notice any suspicious activity on your account, please let us know as soon as ...
  • 6.23.2014 P.F. Chang’s Data Breach UKFCU is closely monitoring the situation with the recent data breach at P.F. Chang’s. Click here for the latest information http://www.pfchangs.com/security/
  • 4.15.2014 UKFCU.COM is a Phishing Website! Please use caution when accessing UKFCU.org. Recently a website has been discovered using UKFCU.com, possibly fooling our members into thinking they are the University of Kentucky Federal Credit Union website. University of Kentucky Federal Credit Union suggests the following tips to avoid phishing websites: Make sure you are entering the correct site name – UKFCU.org not UKFCU.com. Type ...
  • 1.16.2014 Target Data Breach Update New light has been shed on the Target breach, which may now include 110 million people. It appears that someone managed to distribute malware onto Target’s Point-of-Sale terminals. The malware parses data briefly stored in the terminals (stripe data) and then stored on the target servers for download. The username and password used to access ...

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